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Artso Limited is a UK trading company based in London. Its Director is Michael Marx who lives and works in London.

Mr Marx first met artist Sasha Okun in 2005 and since then Artso Limited has worked with the artist to enable Artso Limited to assemble an extensive contemporary series of works by Sasha Okun. In addition to Sasha Okun, Artso Limited has invested in the UK in many other works of art by other artists. Artso Limited also offers consultancy services in the UK. The art is available for viewing in the UK.

Artso Limited corporate address is at Acre House, 11-15 William Road, London NW1 3ER, United Kingdom.

Mr Marx contact details are and +44 777 061 00 44

Contact Raimund Deininger

(Cooperation Partner for A,D, CH and central Europe)

+43 664 820 79 72 • 

Contact Sasha Okun – artist



For further information please contact Michael Marx or Raimund Deininger.